Blueberry Special

Made with homemade blueberry cake, blueberry cheesecake ice cream, fresh blueberries and blueberry drizzle topping

Waffle Special

Belgium Waffle topped with Nutella spread Coconut crunch with fresh Bananas and Strawberries and scoop of Vanilla or Strawberry Ice Cream with choice of nuts

Serving more than 40 different flavors of our super premium gourmet ice creams, sugar free & Vegan. Turn your ice cream into delicious Shakes or Sundaes or Banana Splits and better have it in our vast freshly prepared cones.

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Attention Chocolate lovers... this one is just for you....

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Ice Sssscreamin Sarasota

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Emily B. ★★★★★

Visiting on vacation and wanted to try a local ice cream shop! It was very cutely decorated! There was good music and friendly staff. They let us try whatever ice creams we wanted to. There were a lot of options! They definitely fill the cup up as much as they can so it's a good value for your money. And there's even a college student discount! I enjoyed it!

Caity A. ★★★★★

I've seen the sign up for Ice Sssscreamin for what feels like a year, but didn't realize that they just opened recently! After having dinner next door, we decided to give it a try for dessert. All of the ice cream is made by Yoder's in Sarasota, which is really cool that they're keeping it local, Florida-made. They had a lot of really interesting dessert specials (we watched one of the guys making some kinda crazy sundae that involved putting ice cream on a bed of fresh cotton candy! Whaattt), but we all decided to keep it simple with just scoops. I got the blueberry cheesecake ice cream and it was just amazing. It was the perfect consistency and was a really great, generous serving for the small. My mom had the cookie butter ice cream, which was also delicious but seemed to be a lot meltier than the flavor I got (seemed like that front freezer may have not been quite as cool as the other ones?)

Either way, we really enjoyed what we got and would easily come back to try more flavors!****

Danielle M. ★★★★★

Place was great. The two working the shop were very cheerful and seemed to love working there. They made great ice cream recommendations. I had the buttercrunch cake special which had cake, two huge scoops of ice cream, caramel, whipped cream and the guy suggested Irish cream on it. Soooo good. Hubby got the key lime special which was key lime pie and a huge scoop of key lime cheesecake ice cream. Ridiculously good. All the Ice cream is Yoder's ice cream, which I never heard of but apparently is popular. Lots of flavors and toppings. Great add to the new tampa/usf area in the complex by Dunderbak's.